Piper + Brandon | Downtown elopement | Midwest Photographer

I met Piper online through the wonderful photography community of Instagram. Piper is another amazing Midwest creative based here in Minot, ND.  Piper and I were chatting one day and she mentioned that her and Brandon were going to be eloping in their own special way – I instantly threw out the idea of a photoshoot downtown to capture their unique love story.

I am a firm believer in love at first sight. That when you meet your person, you just know. These two went on their first date in summer of 2019, right before Piper headed overseas. Upon coming back to the US at the start of this 2020 pandemic these two rekindled that flame and became literally inseparable, and now… they are MARRIED AF!

Let me just say that these two are my kind of people – If there is one thing I will always preach it is that it’s okay to break the mold of “tradition”, listen friend – your story is just that, its freaking YOURS so why not let your wedding day be authentic and honestly you? These two eloped at the courthouse and went out for a pancake breakfast at our local diner – I hope that one day they look back, smile and laugh as they tell their family that they were bad ass and refused to let the fear of the word and the stigma of tradition keep them from love.


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Hey friend! I’m Katie, a North Dakota based wanderlust photographer documenting stories of the authentic and captivated by love.